When Is It Time For A Rebrand?

Two years ago I launched a freelance business by the name of Diggs Media. It was a great side gig that helped a lot of beginning businesses get social and website traffic, but it really wasn’t something I took seriously. I was young and just thought it was cool to use skills I already had to generate another stream of income for myself. After awhile I decided to call it quits for a year and really evaluate what I’m actually passionate about, which I how J Diggs Media came to be.

J Diggs Media is a brand storytelling agency that believes that every business has a story. And through storytelling, businesses can connect to their customers on a deeper level. Unlike Diggs Media, we didn’t have a purpose, a voice, or a mission. Diggs Media was a quick way to make cash from small businesses that could benefit from the valuable social media experience I had. Well, J Diggs Media is so much more than that. We’re not only your social media solution for a problem you think you might have. We’re your mentors to help small and medium businesses with their entire online marketing. We help find your brand story and then make sure its spread to the people who matter. J Diggs Media is a solution to help owners take control of their company message with a solid multichannel strategy.

Yup, this is a total rebrand and I’m actually pretty excited about it. You may be asking yourself when is a “good” time to rebrand? Here are a few reasons why I decided it was time and maybe you can relate:

Demographic audience has changed

Diggs Media clients we’re more up-and-coming business owners who completely didn’t know where to start with marketing themselves online and I happily took them in and helped increase their revenue. At the end, it felt amazing to help them, but it was also very difficult preparing and implementing a strategy with a shoe-string budget and the high expectations those owners had. With J Diggs Media, we’re targeting small to medium-sized businesses that are already allocating a budget to some form of marketing. I know It’s hard to trust what you don’t know and with owners that have never developed a budget for marketing before, it’s a little hard to get their trust when you give them estimates or strategies. We’re also going to work with businesses that have a brand, but aren’t sure how to use it to get new customers and convert them into loyal returning customers. There’s also a few other characteristics I look for when qualifying a business to work with J Diggs Media but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you’re interested in working together, let’s have a quick chat and see how we mesh. 😉

Mission and values have changed

Your mission and values should guide how your brand develops. So if they change so should your brand. At J Diggs Media, our mission is to aid small and medium businesses in finding and presenting their brand story through social media & marketing strategies, to strengthen their relationship with customers and partners. We want to provide our clients with a comfortable space, where they feel heard, nurtured, and guided towards prosperity within their business. This brand mission and values are a little different from the “just give me money and I’ll help you” mission of Diggs Media A.K.A. Young and Dumb.  So J Diggs Media is opting in for a sleeker logo and a more inspiring, trustworthy, and relatable change of voice.

It was just a mess

Diggs Media was a side gig and it served it purpose. Unfortunately, the branding was not polished at all. I literally got a business license and asked a graphic design friend to make a quick logo and that was it. I didn’t think about branding and guidelines. I didn’t consider how my company would seem through video, blogs, print, etc. If there was a business branding version of the television series ‘Botched’, I would be on it. Fortunately, J Diggs Media is totally different. In the next coming weeks and months, you’ll see bits and pieces of this new brand that’s been designed with our audience and goals in mind. It actually feels great taking the right steps to prepare J Diggs Media for growth and not failure or stagnation.

There’s never a right or wrong answer to the rebranding question. You just have to make sure you’re considering your audience. If your current brand isn’t appealing to your target audience, then maybe it’s time to look into rebranding. It’s that simple. You just have to be the one to decide like I did.

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