Jamar Diggs Selected as Start! Peninsula Business Mentor

NORFOLK, VA (November 2, 2016) – Jamar Diggs, Social Media & Marketing Strategist of Diggs Media has been selected as one of eighteen mentors at START! Peninsula entrepreneur event on November 4th – 6th. As a business mentor, Jamar Diggs will offer advice and encouragement to the entrepreneurs as they construct the perfect pitch.

Start! Peninsula is a weekend long, 54-hour “mosh pit of business,” bringing together dozens of passionate entrepreneurs and business leaders under one roof with one purpose: To identify the best ideas and create new businesses within one weekend. START Peninsula combines the collaborative efforts of people who have great business ideas with you the professionals with design talent, programming experience, management know-how, and marketing skills.

Jamar comes to Start! Peninsula with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing and brand storytelling. He’s worked with a variety of entrepreneurs and organizations such as children’s book authors and consulting firms.


Jamar Diggs is a Social Media & Marketing Strategist specializing in brand storytelling. He harnesses the power of storytelling and mixes it with out-of-the-box marketing strategies to tell a story that connects with their clients and customers. With his expertise in social media and marketing strategy, Jamar has been able to help businessmen and women turn their business around, increase their income, build social confidence, and improve their overall brand.

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