5 Ways to Kill It On Instagram

So you’ve dabbled in Facebook and Twitter. Now, you want to dominate Instagram. Instagram has been very popular and with over 300 million monthly users how could you not be drawn to it? Users rely on this platform to find trends and document life with just a single photo, giving you the perfect place to share the story of your brand.

How do you tame this photo sharing beast? Take advantage of these tips and you will be a rockstar brand in no time!

Embrace The Video

Photos are nice, but if you want to really win your audience over make sure video is your best friend. You have up to 15 seconds to tell your story, but if you need more time don’t be afraid to speed things up with Hyperlapse. Try making a video to showcase an event or a mini series. Once you get the creative juices flowing there will be nothing stopping you.


Hashtags Get You Engagement

Hashtags will help you get the traffic and engagement you want on your posts. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the number of hashtags you use on Instagram doesn’t matter. In fact, Interactions are higher on posts with eleven or more hashtags.

If you feel like going crazy on the hashtags, add only 2-3 of the most relevant ones in your caption and save the rest for the comments section. This will keep your Instagram caption short, clean and the post will still be seen if a user searches one of your hashtags.

Start off with the very popular #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and then take a look at the common industry hashtags your bigger competitors are using. After awhile you may even be inclined to start creating a specific hashtag for your brand.


Link Your Content

Let’s say you just created an awesome article and you want to share it on Instagram. If you paste the link in the caption of your Instagram post no one will be able to click on it. To solve this dilemma just replace your website URL in the bio with your article. When you share your Instagram post simply tell your followers to go to the link in the bio to see the article. Taking advantage of this tip will open many possibilities for you. Start thinking of other ways you can use the URL section and add it in the comments below!

Edit Descriptions

Instagram has blessed us with an edit caption feature. No more publishing long paragraphs only to realize you have a few misspellings. Thanks to this feature you can fix your errors in seconds.


Engage With Your Audience

Engagement is always important with any social platform. Keep the conversation going by replying to comments and even sharing cool content your followers are creating. Tools like the Repost App makes sharing and tagging Instagram posts even easier. Spending a few minutes a day to engage with your followers will mean the world to them.

Are you already an Instagram rockstar? What ways can businesses ‘kill it’ on this platform. Leave your answer in the comments below.

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